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What is required for a quote?

In order to quote on a per part basis, a drawing (.pdf), 3D model (.sldprt, .stp, .igs, .xt, etc.), or vector file (.svg, .dxf, .ai, etc.) We also need the material type and specific tolerances or fitments; please provide a drawing so we can ensure a perfect part every time.

What if I do not have drawings or models?

We can assist in development of 3D models, drawings and your specifications. Please provide a “napkin sketch,” images of the parts or mating parts, along with approximate dimensions and a description of work to be done.

What about CAD/CAM services, CNC training or process improvement consultation?

Please contact us to discuss your project or training needs.

We can work remotely or on-site at your facility.

Daily, weekly and retainer rates are available. Expedited service is available.

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